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About GILM
    In this global village immersed in information technology, the time-based competition for enterprises is so fierce that the reduction in lead time is counted by hour, if not minute or second.  To ensure the quick and smooth distribution of goods or provision of services to customers, enterprises set up multi-national production-distribution systems supported by global information networks.  The success of such global integrated systems hinges heavily on the success of logistics management, a subject embraced by all enterprises.
    Our Institute focuses on logistics management, supply chain management, and logistics operations strategy.  Both our research and teaching match with the trend of globalization and integration.  All the faculty members of the institute hold doctorate degrees, and all from well-known universities abroad.  With the first batch of master students enrolled in 2003, the institute now hosts the PhD program in logistics management in the Business Administration Department.  
    Our Institute makes excellent balance of theory and practice, and of science and management as well. Our goals are that graduates joining the job market have ample professional knowledge and strong communication skills for this vibrant society, and graduates opting for further study possess adequate preparation for the harsh requirement of a doctorate program.